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With the expansion on medical marijuana use, dispensaries have quickly gained notoriety and become a staple of many towns with the right to lawfully sell and make use of this natural plant. Due to the increased interest in medical marijuana dispensaries, it’s important that these establishments remain protected against the possibility of crime. Dispensaries are likely targets for criminal activity especially theft, break-ins and vandalism.

As the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary, make sure everyone and everything inside is always protected by hiring around the clock security guards. Hiring security will only deter criminals and help keep everything safe from harm during and outside of operation hours. All states that passed laws
allowing medical marijuana dispensaries, including California are required to have substantial amounts
of security.Absolutely all medical marijuana dispensaries are required to have video surveillance as well as onsite security. In some cities, the dispensary is required to submit their security plans to the police department. Make sure you are aware of all local, state and federal laws so that you can remain in compliance and avoid penalties leading to the closure of your establishment. Are you looking for the best Security Guards for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries? Call us 248-436-4799 for a free consultation.Hiring security guards to monitor the dispensary will make it easier for all employees to go about their jobs without the fear of crime. In fact, it will soon be a requirement of the state that all dispensaries have a minimal amount of protection provided by security guards. All security guards will need to meet the expectations of the city as well as the State of Michigan. They must also follow all regulations set by the American Red Cross.Follow public safety stipulations and make sure your medical marijuana dispensary is satisfactorily protected and ready for all future regulations. The security guards at Metro protective. will serve to protect your establishment during hours of operation and even afterwards. Give us a call to learn more and we’ll explain the different levels of protection our guards can provide. We can assure our customers that our licensed, trained and insured protection services will keep their medical marijuana dispensaries safe and in compliance with all relevant local and state safety laws.