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The Instinctive Shooters Club of Michigan, a branch of Metro Protective Services provides CPL and CCW Qualification classes. Our NRA Certified Instructors are retired law enforcement officers with a combined (60) years of experience. Our classes are designed to train the student to “Instinctively” respond to any imminent threat on their life. We provide training in the following disciplines:


  • Ø Home Firearm Safety
  • Ø Pistol Techniques
  • Ø Revolver Techniques
  • Ø Shotgun Techniques
  • Ø Personal Protection in the home
  • Ø Personal Protection outside the home
  • Ø Concealed Carry
  • Ø Defensive Preparation
  • Ø Force on Force Tactics
  • Ø C.P.R
  • Ø Basic Self Defense Systems