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MPS recognizes that the most valuable asset to a community are the residents. The Safety and Security of a complex or community are the primary reasons that a resident or potential resident chooses your apartment, townhome or residential area to call “HOME.” With Felony and Misdemeanor crimes on the rise, coupled with the cutback of law enforcement services, people are more uncomfortable and vulnerable today than they have ever been. Our officers provide a physical deterrent to criminal activity while providing a secure atmosphere for all who live within and visit your property.

We realize that no two apartment complexes, townhomes or residential area are exactly alike and each has its own distinct challenges and concerns. With that ideology at the forefront of our security process, we provide solutions that align with the culture of the community. The security procedures we employ are flexible and evolve as changes occur. Whether you have a gated or non-gated community, our officers are your first line of defense. As our partner we begin the process with an analysis, utilizing quantitative methods to examine and evaluate the various factors affecting each individual tenant or member. Quotes could be provided over the telephone but no one can accurately assess “your needs” over the phone. During this process we sit down with the management company designee, the site manager and tenants and evaluate your concerns and then determine and present an appropriate plan of action to address the desires of the client. The most integral part of the process is “YOU.”

Let us assist you in keeping your community safe. MPS provides a Critical Response Team to address the needs of our clients who are experiencing overwhelming or serious challenges..