Comprehensive Security Services for Every Need

At Metro Security, we offer tailored security services for residential areas, construction sites, schools, and events. Our trained professionals ensure safety with vigilant surveillance and prompt response. Explore our services to find your ideal security solution.

Our Services

Protecting What Matters Most

At Metro Protective Services, we offer a wide range of security solutions to meet the unique needs of each and every client. Trust us to protect what matters most to you with our exceptional security services

Apartment and Residential Communities Security

Provides 24/7 surveillance and patrols to ensure the safety and security of residents, preventing unauthorized access and responding promptly to incidents.

Construction Site Security

Offers protection for construction sites to deter theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, ensuring the safety of equipment and materials.

Education Security

Delivers comprehensive security solutions for educational institutions, including monitoring, emergency response, and creating a safe learning environment for students and staff.

Estate Security

Ensures the safety and privacy of estates through perimeter security, access control, and regular patrols, tailored to the specific needs of high-value properties.

Event Security

Manages crowd control, access points, and overall safety at events, ensuring a secure environment for attendees and organizers.

Fire Watch Services

Provides trained professionals to monitor and protect properties against fire hazards, especially in areas with faulty alarm systems or during construction.

Healthcare and Public Servants Security

Offers specialized security for healthcare facilities and public servants, focusing on protecting staff, patients, and visitors while ensuring a secure working environment.

Hospitality Security

Ensures the safety of guests and staff in hotels, resorts, and other hospitality venues through surveillance, access control, and emergency response.

Logistics Armed Security

Provides armed security for the transport and logistics sector, protecting valuable goods during transit and ensuring safe delivery.

Manufacturing Facilities Security

Delivers security services for manufacturing facilities to prevent theft, vandalism, and ensure the safety of employees and property.

Parties, Weddings, Event Security

Offers security solutions for private events such as parties and weddings, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests.

Places of Worship Security

Provides security services for places of worship, focusing on protecting congregants and property while maintaining a respectful environment.

Private Investigation

Conducts professional investigations to gather information, conduct surveillance, and provide comprehensive reports for legal, personal, or business matters.

Public Transportation Security

Ensures the safety of passengers and staff in public transportation systems through monitoring, patrols, and emergency response.

Residential Communities Security

Similar to Apartment Security, provides continuous protection and surveillance to maintain a safe living environment in residential communities.

Retail Security

Offers security services for retail establishments to prevent theft, ensure customer safety, and maintain a secure shopping environment.

Special Event Security

Tailored security solutions for special events, focusing on crowd management, access control, and emergency response to ensure event safety.