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“TIMES HAVE CHANGED.” Remember as a student in school all you had to concern yourself with was getting good grades? Schools are no longer the “Safe Haven” for students that they once were. No school is immune to the disturbed members of society, whether it is bullying or violent assaults, schools are now the setting for a variety of high and low profile safety and security concerns. As we have seen, incidents can and have occurred anywhere and anytime. Security needs for our schools are affected by budget constraints and the perception of students and parents of their children being “locked in.” As your security service provider we will work with you to overcome these challenges. Our officers are trained in the following disciplines for schools: De-Escalation Techniques, Verbal Judo (Effective Communication Skills), Report Writing, Threat Assessment and Control Basic First Aid and Defibrillator Procedures Let “US” create a Teachable, Safe and Secure environment for your students, staff and visitors.