Metro Protective Services has gained recognition for our security services at various special events. Our quick and efficient staffing procedures can accommodate any client’s staffing needs. MPS personnel are specially trained in handling the challenges in high visibility venues such as concerts, trade shows, or sporting events where there is a high degree of public […]


MPS recognizes that the most valuable asset to a community are the residents. The Safety and Security of a complex or community are the primary reasons that a resident or potential resident chooses your apartment, townhome or residential area to call “HOME.” With Felony and Misdemeanor crimes on the rise, coupled with the cutback of […]


Public transportation

Public environments require a high level of protection. Public transportation such as buses and railway systems are extremely vulnerable in today’s world. MPS employs Innovative and tactical security strategies that are required to meet today’s challenges.


The detective is investigating from the car.

Private Investigation Employee theft is responsible for over 50% of company losses. Short or long term employees engage in this criminal activity for a variety of reasons. Our investigators employ proven and innovative techniques to uncover any current internal problems and to prevent future losses. WE PROVIDE INVESTIGATORS IN THE AREAS OF INTEGRITY SHOPPING SERVICES […]


Table set for an event party or wedding reception Restaurant wedding table

At Metro Protective Services, we specialize in providing customized security solutions for parties, weddings, and events of all sizes. Our team understands that these occasions are meant to be a time of celebration and joy, but also come with unique security challenges. That’s why we work closely with event organizers to create a tailored security […]


Buddhist monk in a golden robe worshipping

Places of worship are often seen as a safe haven for people to gather and practice their faith. However, these places can also be vulnerable to security threats, such as theft, vandalism, or violent attacks. Metro Protective Services offers security guard services for places of worship to ensure the safety and security of their congregations […]


Industrial manufacturing Factory

Manufacturing industry losses are valued at over a billion dollars per year!! Some of these losses can be attributed to the downturn in the economy, but most occur due to sophisticated external threats and trusted insiders. These losses create higher consumer costs, threaten profitability, put trade secrets at risk and decrease the company’s reputation in […]


Warehouse worker doing logistics work with forklift loader

Cargo Security Specialists for Individuals or Fleets of Trucks, Metro Protective Services Security employs retired Law Enforcement & Prior Military personnel to provide cargo security escorts for your valuable products, either single drivers or teams, depending on the distance of the route or nature of the cargo. Whether your company fleet consists of trucks, tractor-trailers, […]


Hotel lobby

Life Safety and Innovative Security Protocols are essential for the hotel and hospitality industry. MPS invests time in training our officers for this segment of the industry. Our goal is to suit the needs of any client.


Hospital Tower Buildings

Today’s healthcare and social workers face enormous challenges. These specialists should not have to concern themselves “with their safety.” These men and women who aid others, enter homes on a daily basis, not knowing what may be behind the door. Not knowing makes them vulnerable. We specialize in providing these professionals with the protection that […]